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Living Comfortably As You Reach Your Senior Years

Long-Term Care

Let’s face it getting older has its pros and cons. Long Term Care insurance is something we all should seriously consider, these plans were created to help you with activities of daily living such as, dressing, bathing, or monitoring your medications and be able to stay in the confront of your own home as long as possible

There are many aspects of long term care insurance to consider, such as, can you stay at home while receiving care, will you be able to choose your own long term care facility.  Depending on your situation you may choose to apply for traditional long term care insurance, this is an insurance policy that you pay for through premium payments usually on a monthly or annual basis.  When and if you need care the policy will help pay for your care.  All policies have different benefit amounts and options for you to consider.

Another type of long term care insurance policy you may consider is a lump sum long term care insurance plan, this type of plan is usually paid for with one lump sum of premium and it would pay a death benefit to your loved ones if you end up not needing the long term care benefits.  If you do need to use the long term care benefits of your policy it will also help pay for your care. 

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